A visit to colourful East London


Visiting Shoreditch is like sneaking in on the hottest underground exhibition where you need to know the password at the door. It feels like every minute somebody is going to come an kick you out, or ask you for your ticket that you bought after spending 3 hours in the virtual queue online.

But no, it’s free and colourful and quirky and just a little bit hipster, too. If you’ve ever been to London or talked to a Londoner, you’ll know that East London is known to be more eccentric than any other area in London.


In between all of this creativity I found a little cafe that drew me in immediately. Anything that says nutritious, healthy or organic has to be tried! Lucky me – it was just time for breakfast.

As soon as I opened the door to Counter Albion (45 Redchurch Street, E2 7DU) the smell of fresh coffee and juice assured me I had found the perfect breakfast place.



The best part is that I had my breakfast in one of the most quiet yet buzzing streets in London. Quiet because there is only the odd East-Londoner riding by on his bike. Buzzing because there are huge windows that allowed me to have a fabulous view of all the different graffitis, artworks and street art pieces.




On my way back to the tube I came across this East London locksmith. I thought it clearly must be the best locksmith you can ever call. And if he can’t open your door, he will surely be the coolest Londoner you’ll ever meet.



One thought on “A visit to colourful East London

  1. Thanks for this article, Sandy! I’ve been to London several times but never in that neighbourhood. I should go there for a walk when I come in June!
    Also, congrats on opening your blog. It’s a great addition to your Youtube channel. It will hopefully be as successful. You truly deserve it ! 🙂

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