German Cakes & Bakes in London

In Germany at 3:00pm we eat ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ (coffee and cake). I ventured out to London to discover the best places to do so here in the UK’s capital. Lecker!

black forest cake

1. The German Gymnasium
(King’s Blvd, London N1C 4BU. Closest tube: King’s Cross/St. Pancras)

Since the opening was announced all over social media I pretty much thought about visiting The German Gymnasium at least once a day!

“A clock will chime at 4:00pm […]” to announce the start of traditional Kaffee und Kuchen in Germany – Sounds a little magical doesn’t it? Now I arrived pretty much exactly on time and was greeted by two very friendly waitresses – one of them, being German herself, brought me to my table. I had seen the pictures of the interior before but I have to say that I was a little mind-blown!

German gymnasium inside

Now which cake to try?

It was a difficult decision as the cakes were pricey and I had to make the perfect choice! Black Forest Cake it was. Ever since I can remember, Black Forest Cake was my absolute favourite German cake – for my birthday and any other kind of celebration I can think of. And let me tell you: It did not disappoint! For a few minutes I was taken back to Germany enjoying chocolate and cherry flavours in a very posh environment.

Alongside I ordered a lemon and ginger tea which had, to my surprise and delight, REAL bits of ginger in it. It was the perfect balance to the rich and creamy slice of cake.

real tea

german gymnasium table

Visiting The German Gymnasium is special. I paid just over £10 for my slice of cake and large tea, but I would come back every Sunday, if I could. The interior design is one of a kind and you will spend a delightful afternoon enjoying your perfect Kaffee und Kuchen combination.

Oh and in case you forget that you are in a German-ish restaurant, you will be reminded by the hilarious German folk songs (Schlager) being played in the little girl’s room.
I am already planning my next visit to try out their main courses!

German gymnasium outise

2. Kamps
(155 Tottenham Court Rd, London W1T 7NG. Closest tube: Warren Street)

The first German bakery chain I have seen popping up in London! Now in Germany, Kamps is particularly famous for hearty rye bread sandwiches and cinnamon rolls (at least that is what I have always had … like 100 times).


german bread

But what kind of German cake can you get so ‘far away from home’? German cheesecake of course. I had made my choice and was a little surprised when I was asked:

“Fruit decoration, icing sugar or plain cheesecake”? This was the first time I had seen traditional German cheesecake decorated, so I went for the most outrageous option: “Oh, the one with fruit decoration, please”.

german cheesecake

Unusual but very tasty. Not quite the same as my Granddads recipe, but very close, and to my surprise it was a little sour, light and not too sweet – exactly how it should be!

What made it even more special was the fact that the green tea I ordered was by teapigs! A brand I have been ‘fangirling’ about for years.


I paid about £7 for my slice and tea – this is pretty much London average and to be honest, Kamps is known to be on the slightly pricier side in Germany anyway.

The interior is modern and comfy and there is plenty of seating downstairs, too. Drop in and discover the most delicious rye bread sandwich of your life, or be adventurous and try the cheesecake, a cinnamon roll or classic a German Pretzel!

3. Bakehaus
(71 King St, London W6 9HW. Closest tube: Hammersmith)

My friend, who lives in Hammersmith, told me: “It looks a little bit like a Greggs from the outside!” Oh no, but their slogan ‘Seriously German about bread’ sounded like a great place to me. I decided to visit either way and yes, from the outside it doesn’t look like the most exciting place ever, but let me tell you they have some serious German baking business going on inside!

bakehaus outside

I had the choice between Apple Strudel, German Cheesecake and Rhubarb and Almond cake. They have different cakes on the counter every day and it was my lucky day. I decided to go for the Rhubarb cake and I got the BIGGEST slice of any cake I have ever been served!

Rhubarb Cake

Here are 20cm of pure joy (yes, compare it to the fork)! I have very fond memories of making Rhubarb cake in my childhood and remember being fascinated by how the plant looks before you prepare it! The combination between Rhubarb and Almond was perfect and it didn’t matter at all that I was in a place that ‘looked a little bit like a Greggs’.

Apart from cake you can also get serious German bread and various international snacks. I saw turkish pastries, french croissants and pizza! Well, I paid £4,50 for cake and coffee from a machine. Not bad considering London prices and I have a feeling that next time I do a Cheap Eats London video, I should stop by the Bakehaus in Hammersmith.

bakehaus layout


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