Best London places for a healthy brunch

Brunch is the best thing in the world! Why? Because it means that you probably don’t have to go to work that day, as brunching is an art and whoever rushes brunch should just have breakfast OR lunch.

This rhyme was on purpose. Here are 3 of my favourite places to have healthy and cheap lunch in London.


1. Campbell’s Canal Cafe
(250 Camden High St, NW1 8QS. Closest tube: Camden Town)

The healthiest of them all. Vegan, Gluten free, low carb, low fat you name it – Campell’s Canal Cafe will have it, plus a beautiful view of Regent’s canal.


My favourite are the Gluten free oat pancakes with blueberries. They are so good that you will try to eat slower than ever before and still finish in under 1 minute. Apart from breakfast and brunch options like tofu scrambled ‘eggs’ you can also dig into some heartier lunches such as home-made soup of the day.

Alongside I will always recommend a mean green smoothie!



If you are still not convinced, then consider the extremely chilled tunes and relaxing views. Campbell’s Canal Cafe is literally in the middle of Camden High Street and you can escape the troubles outside here easily (as long as you find a table of course).


2. Joe and the Juice
(46 Dean Street, W1D 4QD. Closest tube: Oxford Circus)

‘What? But that is a chain!’ – Oh yes it is, and the best one ever. The first time I ever stopped by I had no idea that Joe and the Juice was a chain cafe. I thought I had discovered smoothie heaven.


Matching the colour of the logo I always and without a doubt order their ‘Sweet Beet’ juice and an avocado and mozzarella sandwich – and oh how crunchy it is! It must be rye or soda bread as you cannot achieve this level of crunch with your everyday loaf.

Now that I am thinking about it… Once I dared to take their ‘Hangover Heaven’ – it was equally as good.



Now here is the best part: There are sofas with huge cushions and a lot of cosy corners where you can get lost listening to only the finest house music tracks – I promise you will use Shazam at least once at every visit!

Free wifi in every branch and surprisingly good looking, often dancing, baristas make a visit at Joe and the Juice unmissable.


1. The Breakfast Club
(12-16 Artillery Ln, E1 7LS. Closest tube: Liverpool Street)

“I can’t believe you have never been to the Breakfast Club!” Yes, yes ok – It did take me a few years until I got up one Sunday morning, ready to queue for my breakfast.


We queued 15 minutes. Queueing for a restaurant is exciting and it always makes me wonder weather it is just the feeling of getting into the most popular place in town or weather it is actually worth the wait.

“Should I have eggs or salmon?” One thing is for sure, there are scrumptious options for everyone and every taste, and as soon as you enter and smell the freshly ground coffee, you know you waited at the right Night Club … I mean Breakfast Club.



Poached eggs and avocado have changed my life and it has been my go-to breakfast or brunch, ever since Jamie Oliver did a very clever live demonstration of ‘how to make poached eggs with cling film’.

At the Breakfast Club they are served with lime and chilli (yes, chilli) and it works! If you fancy a very healthy start to your day I’d recommend their home-made Granola with Greek yoghurt. Perfection.


And in case you are bringing that one friend who says: “I want bacon!” Guess what, there are a lot of naughty options, too.

However, this is a blogpost about healthy brunches, so we won’t go into detail of their Burgers, All American breakfasts, Sausage Sandwiches, Pancakes, Eggs Benedict, Veggie Breakfast Burrito, Hot Pastrami Sandwiches…

Wait… what?



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