Camden. Oh, the things you’ll see

Never plan your visit to Camden Market. If you are looking to buy ‘just one thing’ or browse for half an hour – this is not the place to do so. Every visit is different and always at least twice as long as you planned. I think it’s magical. I am pretty sure the little alleyways and stalls just shift and change right behind you, when you’re not looking…



My typical visit starts with browsing through the vintage shops. I absolutely love the smell and I feel it is always a little bit like a treasure hunt, without knowing whether your treasure might be a new (old) handbag or a fresh pair of sunglasses.



Let’s be honest, I’ll probably end up buying something that has to do with tea. Just as I was deciding if it was already time for a vegan brownie from Cookies and Scream I saw this: “Ten Poems about Tea” … Exactly what I was looking for, obviously.



Long forgotten toys from your childhood? Outrageous costumes, fancy dress and wigs? Just that movie poster you’ve been looking for since 1987, the final addition to your stamp collection or a gas mask that looks like it’s straight from the set of Mad Max – be sure to find them at Camden Market. I mean who doesn’t remember My Little Pony? eeek!



Food. This shouldn’t be a problem – the only difficulty is deciding which of the delicious food stalls to try this time. The Camden Food Market is one of the most exciting and vibrant Food Markets in London.
Too many times have I made the mistake and bought a greasy deep fried chicken box from the shouting sellers located directly on the market, so now I carefully select from all the lovely pop ups and usually go for the one with the best music and happiest chefs.



Halloumi & Avocado – always a good idea. I bought this one from ‘CHIA Foods‘ who specialise in just that. Healthy wraps with added chicken, if you like. The best part is that the pomegranate seeds are fresher than fresh! I have to admit- I have never seen how to actually get the seeds out of the fruit, but when I saw the chef applying his very special method, I knew I had made the right foodie choice.

Thank you Camden. It was a wonderful day.




2 thoughts on “Camden. Oh, the things you’ll see

  1. Wow. I have been to Camden before but I have never fully browsed the area. Will have to visit more of the vintage clothing shops and the place where you got your halloumi wrap. Great photos too.

  2. I’ve been to Camden last summer. It was so great! I really loved the atmosphere there. The food looked so yummy, but I didn’t taste it, as it was too early.
    I’ll have to try next time 🙂 I think it isn’t open for dinner, is it? I had the impression it closed at like 5 PM 🙂
    Great article and pictures! (of course we remember My little pony! So many memories 🙂 )

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