Columbia Road Flower Market

Getting up early on a Sunday? Now this is definitely something I normally just don’t do. However, last week I decided to visit this colourful market for the early bird – and I have to say, the smells and colours and people made this one of my favourite mornings ever, since I came to London.


Hoxton is an area in London that I had never been to before, so I took the bus from Camden Road. Always an adventure on its own.

Arriving at Columbia Road – all I can see are people and not flowers, at first. “How come it’s so busy…it’s 9:00am on a SUNDAY morning?” Well, I quickly realised that this was the place to be and started to mingle.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 11

“Fiver a bunch!!!”
“Beautiful English Lavender for a fiver!!!”

Everything costs a fiver and how was I going to decide which bunch was the right one for me? I strolled a little more.


Lavender. It had the strongest and most beautiful smell of the whole market and the seller did not promise too much. I queued and wrestled my way through to his all purple stand and  found my prey.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 22

Apart from flowers and plants you can also find some organic little cafes, some art shops and, what was my favourite thing, little tiny bake sale pop ups.

I spoke to one lady who sold me some delicious mini homemade doughnuts. She said: “My husband is a chef so every Sunday we just sell some of our homemade goods – I love getting up early for this and meeting people”

When I say tiny I mean tiny – she was literally selling them in her hallway:



You are probably going to leave the flower market thinking how on earth you can quit your job and become a full time florist. Or you just want to grow some little plant pots in your kitchen.

Either way, do not fear. There are plenty of little shops around where you can buy all things flower – from pots and seeds to soaps, shower gels and bath bombs.



It was a romantic and beautiful Sunday morning in East London and I am definitely coming back. The Lavender still smells and my kitchen and bathroom have become a mixture between a florist shop and a Lush store – I love it… I hope my housemate does too.


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