Brick Lane Vintage Clothing Market

East London and vintage fashion go together like toast and Marmite (yes, I said it). To me as a German it seems like second hand clothes are much more popular in the UK than in Germany – and I love it. What better way than to spend a Saturday afternoon than browsing with the hipsters around the Brick Lane vintage clothing market.


As soon as you enter the market you don’t know where to look first really. Shoes, hats, odd things and Burberry coats everywhere. Oh how much do I wish that one day I’ll find that perfect Burberry coat! We quickly got lost browsing and feeling incredibly inspired.



‘I could wear this with a black bandeau top from Urban Outfitters!’


My favourite thing about this market is, that you can actually find genuine vintage fashion but also some independent fashion and jewellery designers who might have created just that piece you have been waiting for.



Overall the market is actually quite small – If you walked without looking at things, you’d probably need 5 minutes to do a full circle. But because it is filled with lots of beautiful and wonderful surprises we spent 1 hour inside.

The setting is perfect. As soon as you leave the market you are surrounded by the buzz of colourful Brick Lane and can end the day with a drink and a snack at The Big Chill Bar – where else?




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