Denim ‘N’ Dine London PopUp Restaurant

I had heard about these mysterious ‘popup restaurants’ before – But this was the first time I ever got to visit one, and let me tell you, it was an evening I will never forget.

Pedro Passinhas cooked up a storm and him and his team managed to create an intimate and creative atmosphere which was a perfect balance between Michelin Star Quality food and casual chat with interesting people.

Set in a denim factory in Walthamstow, it might seem like a little bit of an odd combination – However I was convinced as soon as I walked through the door that I would have a stimulating evening in every way!



What to expect from a 6 course meal? Will I be able to finish all of it?

Expect the unexpected! Luckily I met the wonderful Alice (@alisinwonderland on Instagram) – Who first of all, took as many snaps and pictures as I did, plus was as excited as myself about what to come:

Unexpected flavours and courses (!) started to appear from the kitchen. Not only were we surprised with two extra courses that were not on the menu – I will also never forget the moment I first tried squid tagliatelle without pasta.


Yes, the squid was cut so thinly, that it looked and felt like pasta! And together with roasted quinoa … I was in London foodie heaven.



Many other taste surprises followed and I had a hard time concentrating on filming, tasting, melting and having conversation at the same time 😀



My biggest takeaway from this fabulous evening is a reminder that we should more often concentrate on what we eat, how it tastes and how it feels. Too often I ‘just eat’ and Pedro and his team definitely reminded me that sitting together with great creative people or loved ones and enjoying a delicious meal, is just one of the best thing in life really.

🙂 Here is the video featuring some cool tunes and live reactions:



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