My new favourite Vegan restaurant

I can’t tell you how many times I walked past this place – even without being interested in Vegan food a few years ago, Vantra (Tottenham Court Road) had something very special about it. The smells and colours are just a little bit out of this world.



My office is on Oxford Street, 3 minutes walk away from Tottenham Court Road means 3 minutes walk away from Vantra. So since I started my new job, Vantra has been my go to place for lunch and delicious afternoon snacks.



It’s not only about Vegan food – it’s also the way the food is prepared.

“No Bull**** Additives” – And they mean it. The food is steam cooked and if you ask any of the staff they will tell you about why how and what exact difference it makes to your meal.

Even when you order a Buckwheat Raw Chocolate Muffin – They steam it for you before giving it out. Heaven.


The selection of stews, curries salads and sides is huge! For lunch you can take a take-away box and fill it with as much goodness as you possibly can. I believe the “small” box is £6,50 which is fairly pricey, however it’s not small and you’re getting “No Bull****”

Vantra is that type of Vegan restaurant where you should take your sceptical friend who thinks Vegan food is salad leaves. Maybe don’t tell them – just let them loose and they will indulge without noticing … well maybe 😉



Either way it’s delicious and good for you and my absolute favourite restaurant in London at the moment. I have mentioned many times before that I am not planning to go fully vegan but I am enjoying the variety and health aspect of it so much, that Vantra will be my lunchtime happy place for a little or long while longer.

Enjoy and let me know if you’ve been and what your thoughts were. Also here is a little video where I pay a visit for a sweet afternoon treat:


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