Funky Ice Cream in London

In Tuffnell Park, North London, you will not miss Ruby Violet! Beautiful bright neon lights shine to way to this funky little ice cream shop. I walked past and thought, I need to try this!


As I walked inside I was sure I had discovered ice cream heaven – even without having tried the flavours! I was greeted in such a friendly manner and with such bright colours, that I knew I made the right decision on this very hot summer day here in London. Which flavour to choose?


I was offered to try first…so I did. I must have tried about 5 different homemade tastes and was sure I could have tried every single one, without having been judged 😀

Salted Caramel and Coconut + White Chocolate it was. See? I told you it was ice cream heaven.

While my ice cream was being prepared, I looked around and thought: ‘How lovely – I want to bring someone very special to this place for a very special ice cream.’

The other decor is just as sweet as the first impression and I very highly recommend to try this delicious gem of a London ice cream shop. Funky!



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