Standon Calling 2016

How had I never heard of this festival in all of the 8 years of living in the UK? I was a magical experience and so so beautiful to see all the detail and effort that was put into making Standon Calling a one of a kind festival.

We ventured outside of London and were unsure about what to expect. Living in London consumes you, and leaving for the ‘countryside’ can be a real adventure. The whole journey from Camden Town to Standon took us 1 hour – tube, train, taxi and Hello Festival Vibes!



Where to start? Costumes, facepaint, pirates, cocktails, food, music, tent, stage, circus tent and more! All we could do was dive in! We’re girls after all, so starting with GLITTER seemed like a very good idea!

antonia glitter

glitter faces


After a lot of ‘oooh’ and ‘wow’ and ‘look at this costume’, we had some food. Antonia had a steak sandwich and I went for falafel yes yes. The choice wasn’t easy, but we made a delicious choice out of 10-15 trendy hipster food trucks. Something for everyone.


As the sun started setting it was time to go dance and go on the ferris wheel. I don’t know if it was the beer but it seemed like the fastest and most exciting ferris wheel ride of my life. If you watch the video below you’ll get a pretty good idea ha!



Full of adrenaline we went to see Everything Everything, Ghostpoet and Adam Green. I mean ADAM GREEN. He high fived us and we felt like being 15 again. And absolutely fantastic day and I cannot wait to go back next year. Watch the video below for more festival fun 🙂



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