‘The Neath’ at the Vaults Festival 2017

My first ever immersive theatre experience took me to The Vaults Festival 2017. And to be more specific, it got me to sell my soul and tell all my sins.

Set in the most suitable event space, ‘The Neath’ theatre experience was everything I didn’t expect. Far from your usual scary walk-through, this play actually made you wonder: ‘Wait, who is this and is that person part of the play?’ I am still not sure today…



Leaving the safe surroundings of the Waterloo Vaults and entering The Neath you are greeted by a sniffing crazy demon who follows you all the way to what looks like a bar. We took a seat.

Not long after, the host arrives and explains we are all doomed unless we find the 7 goblets representing the 7 deadly sins, hidden in the room. The hunt begins and we dove into a maze of characters, happenings and confession.
Every time a goblet was found, the lucky finder had to confess their worst sin, drink a shot and we were on goblet closer to keeping our souls … 😉


I don’t want to give away the ending, but all I can say is that I was screaming and running out of the room … I made it and will never forget this incredibly scary yet fantastically magical theatre experience.

This is why I love London! If you are interested in another experience like that, check out ‘KILLER’ by Philip Ridley: http://shoreditchtownhall.com/theatre-performance/whats-on/event/killer


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