The Cheese Bar London is finally open

Call it Foodporn or Cheeseporn or simply the greatest idea for a new London foodie heaven. Highly awaited, The Cheese Bar London has finally opened it’s doors on Camden Market and we are very, very excited.

Having lived in London for sometime, I now am very used to queueing in an orderly fashion and was therefore not surprised, that the queue for The Cheese Bar was a big one, too. Somehow we managed to get in at the front at 4:30pm, half an hour before dinner time opening and felt very smug.


Happy people waiting for good food. On entering, the bass of the mellow house music carried me instantly and the minimal and classic design of the restaurant was only overshadowed by the huge neon lit wall displaying all 25 of carefully selected cheeses. Cheesus!


Now what to choose? The menu offers you tapas-style cheesy dream dishes and with a little help from knowledgeable staff we made our choices. If you are interested to find out more about the cheeses and the idea and passion behind this wonderful restaurant, do talk to the owner. I thought he was incredibly inspiring.

Legen-dairy Mozzarella sticks and the creamiest Mac and Cheese I have ever eaten in my life made the cut. If you go, try to pull the Mozzarella sticks as far apart as you can … rumour has it people have pulled them 1m and more…


You are probably already planning your trip to The Cheese Bar – You’ll find those guys right opposite the Amy Winehouse stature on Camden Market 😉 And if you still need some convincing, here are more pictures. Yum!


This blue cheese sandwich was too strong for my boyfriend, so guess what? I ate the whole thing and have no regrets. Absolutely unique, new and oh so gooey.

Get there: Camden Town or Chalk Farm Northern Line exit. Unit 93, Camden Market, 94 Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AP


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