Spike + Earl: Meal in a Dutch crunch bun

You have read correctly! A new sandwich joint and all day cafe has opened in London, and they offer a whole meal in a Dutch crunch bun – of course I had to go and try this. I mean a Dutch crunch bun! …


Peckham isn’t normally an area I’d stop by on a Friday night, so I was very intrigued to find out if Spike + Earl’s menu can make up for the slightly longer journey. A bus ride away from Oval station, the new restaurant has opened it’s doors, and it almost feels like you are joining some locals for a cheeky bbq. Until you discover inside of course – sleek and modern, yet very cosy.


What to choose in a new restaurant? Always ask the staff! We were recommended the best choices on the menu by incredibly knowledgeable and passionate staff. And within 2 minutes we also had an Espresso Martini on our table – Hurray!


Having their own coffee roastery in the back, majority of the cocktails are coffee fuelled and to my surprise they accompanied the food very well! Oh yes, the food. We did wait a bit, but given they had just opened and probably thought we’d be taking lots of pictures for our instagram accounts (which we obviously did), they did put a lot of effort into presentation, so we let them off and had another cocktail – Hurray!


The food arrived. Presentation on point, but how about the taste? Having ordered pretty much half the menu, we had a lot to go through, but it was an easy task. Flavours meet textures meet where? In a flippin’ Dutch crunch bun! It was absolutely delicious, and my number one recommendation would be the buttermilk chicken … in a Dutch crunch bun!

We made it to desert and rhubarb and mascarpone topped up an evening full of love for good food and flavours and I cannot wait to come back and try their brunch menu.




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