A Notting Hill kinda day

A visit to London’s most colourful neighbourhood is always a good idea. Get there for a delicious brunch to start with and don’t forget to take your camera! Instagram opportunities around every corner.



I’m wearing my favourite blouse in the entire world by Fomm Vintage and the boots are from Asos ❤ And yes, I am 100% standing in somebody else’s doorway 😀

When you get hungry, there a one million choices in Notting Hill! Everything from London’s best seafood shacks to fancy Italian places await! We did however decide to stop by Joe and the Juice – the smoothies, music AND men are just too nice to miss!



Now what you’re going to have to do next is shopping, shopping and maybe just a little bit more shopping!



Oh and you could also plan a visit to London’s coolest cinema. I’m talking your very own waiter and more:


And if you can’t get enough of all those colours, why not take a few more pictures. It’s a London day out that will make you happy and inspire you.

I wish I could tell you where this top is from, but it is so vintage it doesn’t have a label anymore. I loved combining the same outfit with my Asos boots and my nike trainers!

Talking about Nike trainers – let’s dance in the streets of Notting Hill and be merry:



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