Hot Pot Dinner in China Town

Oh hey I’m in China Town! Now, where to eat? The most important question anyone has ever asked themselves whilst strolling through the colourful streets of London’s most vibrant area.


We didn’t search long, because Hot Pot on Wardour Street seemed like the right choice. Cook your own meat and veg fresh at your table, yourself? Yes, please!


Every table has it’s own hot plate in the middle – so choose your broth, meat and veggies and off you go! Whilst we were waiting for our cooking broth to arrive, we chose all the extras one could possibly want to put into a dish like that.
Chilli, garlic, coriander, sauces, sauces and sauces:

Our ingredients arrived and all of a sudden we had the most colourful table in the whole restaurant! All fresh, we chose prawns, beef, bamboo shoots, morning glory, mini sweetcorn, rice, noodles, pak choi & more:


And we were ready to cook! The super friendly waiter helped us a little in understanding what to cook first and for how long, and we were ready to go!




Fabulous! It feels so fresh and healthy and it’s really quite a lot of fun once you figured out what you’re doing! And how did it taste?


It tasted just like it looks! Fresh and full of flavours! I personally might have chosen a broth that was slightly too spicy for me, but still enjoyed it. When the waiter at Hot Pot says it’s very spicy – he does mean it 🙂

It’s the perfect London dinner for a large group celebrating a special occasion! Let me know if you guys try it ❤

Oh and not to forget – try the desert, too. Thai tea ice cream and coconut wrapped in matcha pancakes is all I’m saying.

Closest tube: Leicester Square / Piccadilly Circus


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