My French language learning journey with Rosetta Stone

Learning a foreign language always means – adventure awaits! Whether this is in relation to the people you meet whilst you’re learning it, or the opportunities that present themselves as soon as you’re brave enough to speak it, try it, make mistakes and try again.

My French has been rusty. I learned French in school but when I moved to England, my brain put all it’s effort into building as much of a British accent as possible and put a lot of Le Français aside. But! I picked it back up, improved it thanks to Rosetta Stone and went to Paris to see how comfortable I would feel.

I mainly used the Rosetta Stone app on my phone – but you can also access the course on your laptop or tablet. You can even book sessions with a live tutor online – pretty cool! The app was super helpful for me because you plug your headphones in and use it whilst you’re in a cafe, on the tube or bus without having to say the words out loud 🙂

When I first started using the app it was amazing to see how quickly I was progressing – AND how much I actually remembered from school. Something I really love about using it, is the pictures. Might sound silly, but it’s so intuitive and really helps you connect vocabulary in the easiest way possible! So here is me learning how to ask for the bill in a restaurant, in French, whilst sitting opposite a complete stranger in a cosy London cafe! 🙂 …


I finally felt confident enough and it was time to visit Paris!… On the Eurostar I went…


Bonjour! I was nervous! I had made a rough plan about things I wanted to do and people I wanted to speak to. First stop – order a coffee! It was 8:30am in the morning after all. “… Un … Une cafe .. avec lait… uhm .. je peux payer par card? …”

“Oui, bien sur!” Phew, I ordered a coffee and asked if I could pay with my card and it all worked out perfectly! I felt more confident straight away. It’s a little bit like vlogging in public. Before I start, it’s always scary! But as soon as I get going, confidence arrives 🙂 Yay!

From there I went to get a map of the Metro and went to take some pictures of me in front of the Eiffel Tower. Obviously!


And yes, this is one out of 100 pictures that is in focus, ha! Self shooting is hard!

Next stop, going for lunch – the big test. After a few failed attempts to find recommended restaurants I settled in somewhat of a touristy place, close to the Eiffel Tower. I thought, maybe the waiters see tourists every day and might be a bit impatient. But it turned out to be the opposite. Only smiles and positivity and I ordered my Confit Duck and Red Wine and this is what I got:


Yay! It felt like such a success and I probably enjoyed this lunch most of all my meal I ever had in Paris. What really made my day however was that the waiter was so lovely, he offered me a cheeky glass of wine for free because he thought my French attempts were cute! Success.


From there I went shopping, encountered a few new conversations that I managed more or less and in the end of the day found myself the happiest I’d been in a while. Accomplished and mentally stimulated I arrived back at the Gare du Nord and am now hoping I can share my, now even bigger, passion for learning a new language with you!


You can try a free Rosetta Stone demo in over 20 languages AND get 50% off any language course with my code “SANDY50” here.

If you want to watch the YouTube video of my day in Paris, click here.

Thanks for reading! Sandy


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