Leaving London – Finding Eastbourne

I am guilty of not having explored the rest of the UK enough. I’ve been here almost 10 years and really all I have seen is maybe half of London, Brighton and, oh, once I went to Oxford! It was time to be brave enough and leave the Big Smoke! Who would have thought that such a stunning sight like Eastbourne’s ‘Beachy Head’ was just around the corner?


2 hours on the train was all it took. I  booked my journey via GoEuro – check out the London to Eastbourne routes here. I arrived in Eastbourne with a mission – find Beachy Head and take an epic picture! Now I did make the mistake and took a Bus to the cliffs, and also definitely trusted the Bus driver who said it was about 20 minutes walk from the stop he dropped me off at… Let’s just say it was more like 40 minutes walk and 1 tumble into the mud, but I got there! On my way back to the town I took a cab which took me 5 minutes and cost me £6 😀 Ah well, it was a lovely walk and I remembered to stop, take a deep breath and look around. The flora was beautiful:



Beachy Head is worth a visit! It’s absolutely mind blowing (quite literally as it was very, very windy) and completely unexpected. A day trip to the white cliffs followed by a country pub lunch at the Beachy Head Pub will make this a quintessentially British day away from London and a must do for everyone who comes to visit this beautiful country!


Oh, and yes, this chicken and mushroom pie was bigger than my hand! I finished the whole thing! 😀 Walking in the countryside makes you very hungry 🙂

Thank you for reading lovelies and for more inspo check out https://www.visitengland.com

xx Sandy


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