My top 5 Festivals I want to visit…

Festivals have something magical about them. It’s the people coming together for the love of good music & the freedom. But why does attending a music festival feel so “free”?


In my opinion it’s a mix between wearing whatever you want, throwing on more glitter than you ever needed in your life and sharing the way the music makes you feel with complete strangers. Nobody cares about that e-mail you sent or didn’t send on Friday, nobody cares how old you are, what your status is or, in fact, how many followers you have on Instagram. You are dancing next to hundreds of strangers and you are all there for the very same reason. The beat drops and you smile – and I can guarantee you that you’ll receive many smiles in return 🙂

So, to share the love and because I really can’t talk about anything else at the moment, I made a list of my personal top 5 music festivals I want to visit (or have visited):

1. Burning Man, Nevada, U.S.

A music and arts festival in the desert, dedicated to self expression, pleasure and community. No currencies, no waste just people, art and music! Sounds like a dream? To me it does. I’ve seen some of my favourite Dj sets on YouTube, e.g. this beautiful sunrise set from Bedouin: and have been thinking of going for a long time. It is however not easy to go – lots of planning and preparation is needed. And it all starts with a test, before you even buy tickets 🙂 Take it here, if you like: – One Day!


2. Day Zero, Tulum, Mexico

House music played amongst the Mayan Temples of Tulum Mexico. I really think this should be enough for any house music fan to want to go, don’t you think? In the past few years Dj’s like the maestro himself Damian Lazarus, AME & Dixon played this fascinating festival! Have a look at some of the photography from past events here: –  I know right? I can already feel the bass and rush of adrenaline just before the beat drops in the jungle.


In 2018 there was no event in order to save the surroundings but let’s keep our fingers crossed we can all dance together under the Mexican sun next year!


3. Tomorrowland, Boom, Belgium

Most of you probably know that I’ve been to Tomorrowland 2017 and I will never forget this experience. If you want to see my real excitement from the moment we received our tickets to that time I finally saw the main stage of Tomorrowland, you can watch my YouTube videos here:
And IF you want to brave it and try to get tickets for 2019, you can get them here – good luck! ❤

4. Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

It’s simple, I lived in England for 10 years now, Glastonbury is pretty much on my doorstep, and I haven’t been. For many years I disregarded what appears to be one of the most beautiful festivals in the world. I like house and techno and I can sometimes be a bit of a music snob, so somehow I thought there would be nothing for me there. Well I failed at thinking that completely! 😀 Pretty much everyone I know has been and it doesn’t even really matter IF there are house and techno stages (which there are 😉 ) it much more about the community. 5 nights of morning Yoga, meets afternoon cooking classes meets world class acts in the evening. And if you like you can do it all again tomorrow or have a completely different day. Possibilities are endless – as long as you bring your wellies! I’ve got mine ready, who is coming?

5. Sonus Festival, Croatia

Visiting Croatia is on my list, it’s a festival dedicated to house music and techno, it’s spread over many different locations from beach to boat and would you look at this line up:

Probably the best festival to go to during the summer! Croatia is hot hot hot and I can already see myself dancing in my new sexy glitter festival outfit, wearing my glitter sunnies and my glitter trainers and thinking “This is great! More glitter!” I see Sonus as the kind of festival you go and visit for a friends birthday and if you really need some serious sun! 🙂


And this is what I looked like when I got tickets for Tomorrowland 🙂 Let’s dance and share the love ❤

And let me tell you it wasn’t easy to choose only 5! There are so many more and if I could, I would spend my life travelling the world and visiting festivals, ha! 🙂 Comment below and let me know which festival you would love to visit?

x Sandy


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