How to approach Influencers about a potential collaboration with your brand

I’ve been working and collaborating with brands via my YouTube channel and my Instagram for a while now – Majority of my collaborations have been with the most wonderful brands who really suit my content and I absolutely love(d) working with them! I have learned a lot and made many awesome friends in the industry. Only recently, I got to speak at a YouTube conference about how to work with brands from an Influencer perspective and I really enjoyed sharing my experience!

Today I thought I’d turn this around and share my thoughts on how to approach an Influencer for your brand:

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 13.44.19

Don’t say Hi, …

Say: Hi Sandy, … – Simple, right? You would not believe the amount of times my friends and I have been approached with a Hi, Hey, Hello or, in fact no salutation at all. It’s a simple first step to create a personalised message for the Influencer of your choice.

Don’t slide into DMs like…

All professional Influencers these days will have their business e-mail address on their YouTube channel, blog and or Instagram profile for you to use as their preferred method of contact. Most of us get a lot of spam via direct messages and it’s not easy to filter through all of those, in order to find that one genuine collaboration request.

Why me?

Let the Influencer know why exactly you have chosen them, what you like about their content and how you see them representing your brand!

Speaking for myself, I am much more likely to accept or consider a brand partnership, knowing why exactly this particular brand has chosen me.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 13.46.12

Is there a budget?

Be upfront and let the Influencer know if you have a budget, and if you don’t have a budget, why should they work with you? What can you offer them instead? Please think about the amount of time we put into our work and consider the concept development, time it takes to shoot and edit, content writing process, transportation cost, product cost etc. for most of us this is our part – or even full-time job. Would you work for free?

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 13.49.32

 Never ever…

…suggest to send them photos you have taken already and ask them to post exactly these on their Instagram account for you! …It happens! I guess the message here is that we are all creatives. We love creating content, and I personally love nothing more than coming up with a creative brief together with a brand. The best collaborations have a loose brief that fits your brand but has enough room for the Influencer’s creative input.

Leave your thoughts and comments below! Are you an Influencer and do you have any additional thoughts? As a brand, what are your views on the above? Perhaps you do most of these already?

x Sandy


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