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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Sandy!

    There seem to be no comments on here, but I hope you read this one, anyway.

    First of all: I really, really like the videos you do. I have been to London only once, so far – and I really loved it 🙂 (unfortunately, I am just about to finish school next year and I can’t afford going abroad). I always get a little “abroad or especially London/England sick“ when I see certain videos you made. I am therefore really interested about the following thing: If you want to move to England – what insurances are there? Is the insurance system similar to the German one? Also concerning this: How did you find into such “paper stuff“, especially because it is in English? For a German who does not live in London, I think my English is quite good, but I am not sure about this specific field or similar ones. Did you learn it by experience? Did you learn some vocabularies beforehand? Is it ‘too much’ that you wouldn’t understand if you rush into it? One more question I have is: Does the Brexit – and if yes, in what ways – limit me in some points, concerning wheter I am still allowed to move to England or not?

    I would be really happy if you could maybe give me an answer (I hope the way of commenting is appropriate ???)

  2. Hi sandy! I came to know about you through the YouTube. You are a good motivator and mentor. I like each and every videos of you, It would be much better if you’re making videos on job seekers and the person who wish to work in Europe. Warm regards!

  3. hey sandy ,
    This is shruti from india and love the videos you post.actually am a 10th grade student right now but in future i want to become a travelling artist.i have never been to abroad but i am always exited to know about places and so i watch all your dream working place is london and i hope that you can help me to explore more about that place.
    thankuu so much . waiting for your next video

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